Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are welcome to rent our tables for mass events: tournaments, fairs, conferences.

If you are interested in cooperation with our company in renting tables, please familiarise yourselves with the following terms and conditions, and contact the Customer Service Department Tel. +48 (0) 83 342 60 93 or e-mail sklep@biasov.pl

Basic terms and conditions for renting tables

  1. The renting party can only be an adult natural person, a company or a legal person.
  2. The tables must be used according to the submitted purpose.
  3. The tables can be used only at the place submitted in the application.
  4. The lessee is obliged:
    • not to smoke tobacco near the tables
    • not to use the tables in a way that could cause them damage
    • to return the tables on the day of rent termination at the latest (unless he/she inform us about an extension)
    • to return tables with all the accessories (covers, chess pieces, etc.)
    • to secure the tables against theft or damage, in a commonly-accepted way, with utmost care
    • act on behalf of the Lessor
  5. During the Agreement, the table (and its accessories) cannot:
    • be in possession of third parties
    • be the subject of lawsuits or a deposit
    • be used in a way that differs from its normal use, an in particular:
      1. sublet
      2. used for purposes other than it is designated for
      3. used against the law
  6. Renting is conducted on twenty-four hours basis (from the moment of renting).
  7. Excess by one hour will mean charging for next twenty-four hours.
  8. The payment for renting must be made in advance, on the day of the receipt of the product at the latest. On the day of renting at the latest a company must produce the company’s documents: NIP (tax identification number), Regon (national business registry number), KRS (National Court Register) or an entry in the business activity register.