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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen we are constantly trying to extend our product range; in connection with the above we are developing new gaming table designs. Currently the following is under development

  • INTEGRA model, which thanks to special table-tops facilitates board games, enabling you to spend evenings in the company of family and friends
  • Also a table adjusted to playing Carrom.

In connection with making the above model ready, thanks to the kindness of the Carrom inventors and players from http://www.carrom.com.pl we can familiarise you with the rules of this fascinating game, which is not widely known in Poland.

Carrom Rules

Carrom can be played by two or four persons. If there are two players, they sit opposite each other. If the game is played by four persons, partners sit opposite each other.

The game begins with an appropriate layout of pucks, according to the illustration below. 9 white pucks, 9 black pucks and 1 red puck are used in the game. The red puck ,called “queen” should be placed in the middle of the table. Next, the white pucks should be arranged in a Y-shape, with one arm aimed at a selected pocket.

Zasady gry  Carrom

While playing, none of the players can change his/her place. The player who starts pockets white pucks. His/her opponent pockets black. The aim of the game is to pocket all your own pucks to whichever pocket the first person used. Pucks are pocketed with the use of a so called “striker” – a puck bigger than the others.

In each play the player places the “striker” in such a way that the puck touches both baselines or completely covers the circle at the end of those lines or does not touch it at all. Besides it, the “striker” cannot cross diagonal lines drawn on the table.

Zasady gry  Carrom
Correct placing of the “striker”

Zasady gry  Carrom
Incorrect placing of the “striker”

The player hits the striker” with a finger. The ways of hitting the striker are at the choice of the player but it must be hit and not pushed. While playing one cannot move his/her chair or stand up.

In “forward” hits the “index finger” , “the middle finger’ or “the scissor hit” can be used. Before the hit one should try to touch the “striker” with a nail in order to be sure that the puck will go into the correct direction. Thanks to this the hit will be precise and painless.

Zasady gry  Carrom
In "backward" hits one can use only the thumb or "the scissor hit".

Zasady gry  Carrom
While going down to make the hit one has to remember not to cross the diagonal lines marked on the table, or their extensions, with any other part of the body than the palm (from fingers to the wrist).

Zasady gry  Carrom
Incorrect hit

A player can pocket the red puck "queen" as long as he/she pockets his/her colour puck. After pocketing the "queen" the player has to pocket one of his/her pucks. If he/she pockets the "queen" but does not pocket his/her puck afterwards, the "queen" goes back to its position in the middle of the table, and the opponent makes his/her move. There is an obligation to pocket the "queen" before pocketing the player’s last puck.

The winner of the game receives 1 point for every single opponent’s puck remaining on the table. If the winner pockets the "queen" correctly, he/she receives 3 additional points If otherwise the "queen" was pocketed by the looser nobody receives additional points.

Carrom is played up to 25 points or 8 games depending on which occurs first. The player who exceeds 22 points does not receive any points for pocketing “the "queen".

If the player pockets the "striker" he misses his/her move, and one of his/her previously pocketed pucks returns on its position in the middle of the table.

  • If the player pockets the "striker" and at the same time his/her puck, he/she does not miss a move, but two of his/her previously pocketed pucks return on its position in the middle of the table.
  • If the player simultaneously pockets the "queen" and one of his/her pucks (whatever the order), pocketing the "queen" is regarded as correct.
  • If the puck falls under the table, it should be placed in the middle of the table.
  • The pucks which incur penalties for pocketing the "striker" are returned to the game by the opponent within the outer circle. The pucks which are beyond the table and the “queen are returned to the game by one of the players (or the referee) as closely to the middle of the table as is possible.
  • If the player pockets the last puck of his/her opponent, he/she loses the game.
  • If the player pockets his/her last puck before pocketing the "queen" he/she loses the game and the opponent scores 3 points for the "queen" and 1 point for every puck left on the table.