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The aim during designing this table was minimalazing costs, using best quality materials (wood, fabric) and keeping high quality of finishing in the same time. Construction of the table allows assembly and disassembly many times while preparing to tournaments. Small size after disassembly makes table easy to store and transporting.

Main screen on a table, and screen for legs alows Lorenzo table to be a professional tournament equipment.

Innovative way of assembly screen to the table, without making wholes, is not destroying attractive look of table top and is keeping stability of construction. Table can be easy used with screen, or without. Cloth as a cover in screen whole is our innovation too. We made opening and closing cover very quiet, what bridge players like a lot.

Who is this table for

Tournament bridge table for championships, also international.


Table is made from birch wood and natural birch veneer. Finished in water-resistant lacquers.

Dimensions: 88,6x88,6x72 cm