Poker Table POKEROS 8Ft/mix

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  • Poker Table POKEROS 8Ft/mix
  • Poker Table POKEROS 8Ft/mix
  • Poker Table POKEROS 8Ft/mix
  • Poker Table POKEROS 8Ft/mix

An absolute novelty on the market! – a poker table with an exchangeable module: a croupier’s desktop/a player’s position. Thanks to this solution according to the needs the table can be used by the croupier and 9 players or exclusively by 10 players. Elegant appearance, high-quality of materials employed and innovative table top solution make the Pokeros 8 Ft/mix table one of the most popular models. Baize with a high gsm ratio allows skilful manoeuvring of cards and chips, and soft cushions make it a perfect support for players’ wrists.
The construction’s stability comes from its innovative method for assembling the legs, which, thanks to the milling technique, make an excellent advertising surface at the same time.
We offer you a choice of baize colour, and, through a heating technique, the opportunity to print a logo and lines.
The table’s construction facilitates a change of baize in case it gets dirty or damaged.
The table’s high portability is provided by its compact structure, as well as its user-friendly assembly and disassembly. Moreover, the table can be supplemented with a transport cover.

Blat ekoskóra

Standardowe wykończenie blatów stołów naszej firmy. Materiał pokryty teflonem, dzięki czemu jest odporny na zabrudzenia i rozlania płynów – dlatego polecamy je szczególnie klubom. Duży uślizg kart ,przez co utrudnione odkrycie flopa powoduje,że radzą sobie z tym tylko wytrawni dealerzy .Z tego powodu nie polecamy na stoły turniejowe. Dostępny w 6 kolorach.

Blat mikrofibra

Materiał łączący świetny uślizg kart z łatwym odkryciem flopa. Ceniony przez graczy ze względu na jedwabistą, przyjemną w dotyku strukturę.Umożliwia druk w jakości HD i zapewnia długą jego trwałość. Polecany do stołów turniejowych.


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by Layout Studio Design

by Lukas Kimnes

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  • The table top is made of mdf panels; upholstered in baize
  • The lines and logo are marked by hot foil with a press technique
  • The cushion is upholstered with a leather-look heavy-duty material; padded with top-quality sponge of medium hardness and resilience
  • The croupier’s desktop is made of smoked beechwood, stained with ecological water-soluble varnishes
  • The legs are made of smoked beechwood; the inscriptions are milled

The tabletop dimensions: 247 x 107 cm
The height of the table: 76/80 cm

Weight: 67 kg

CAUTION! When choosing a logotype, please send your files to this e-mail address: